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Dubai Health Authority

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) provides a quality healthcare system in Dubai by setting and ensuring policies and strategies for healthcare in public and private hospitals and clinics in Dubai. DHA works to ensure that public health is protected and quality of life is improved, provides health strategy for Dubai to meet future needs, ensures partnerships between public and private health service providers, provides licensing and regulation across the Dubai Health Sector and strives to increase the transparency and accountability of the healthcare system in the emirate.

Its mission is to always adhere to values of quality, protection of patient rights, clinical competence and patients' safety amongst others, while ensuring a future where patients, their families, friends and visitors to Dubai have access to the best medical care whenever they need it.

Since moving to online auctioning and fully appreciating the advantages of Tejari's unique services, DOHMS has made rapid progress in switching from offline to online trading. All of our purchasing used to be completed manually on paper, which took time to ensure that the correct documents were in order and involving hidden costs such as faxes and international telephone calls. With Tejari, we have eliminated these hidden costs, and streamlined the number of suppliers we do business with,

Mohammed Juma Miftah

Manager/Director of Purchasing and Contracts Department

Dubai Health Authority